Support your favorite Bozeman Symphony Musicians! Today, help by sponsoring principal cellist Chandra Lind.

The purpose of the campaign is to raise funding to help the Bozeman Symphony meet our goals in compensating the members of our orchestra for their dedication in bringing to Bozeman superb performances of the symphonic repertoire. This campaign will highlight directors and members of the Bozeman Symphony and Choir giving you the ability to sponsor your favorite musicians.

Over the last two years we have been proud to offer small raises in pay to our beloved musicians, who have gone for many years without any raises at all. Our players put in, on average, about 40 hours of work in preparation for each performance and, with our per-service pay rates, make less than starting pay at most fast-food restaurants. With ticket sales covering only about 40% percent of Symphony operating costs (the national average is 30%), we are hoping you might consider donating directly towards compensating our musicians.

Do you have a favorite musician in the orchestra? Do you have a favorite instrument? This is your opportunity to attach your name to theirs. Please consider participating in our new Up Close and Personal: Sponsor a Player Campaign.

Contact us at 585-9774 or if you have questions about the campaign.

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    The Bozeman Symphony Society presents a repertoire of symphonic and choral music performed for the benefit of south-central Montana.
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