UM-Dearborn students will be traveling down south to help rebuild Hurricane Katrina torn areas.

Eight motivated University of Michigan-Dearborn students have decided to travel down to Biloxi, Mississippi to volunteer for a week to help rebuild Hurricane Katrina torn areas.

Many of us are affiliated with Campus Video Network, a student organization with the mission of serving our campus's video needs, training students in all aspects of film and television production, and gain valuable connections. Alternative Spring Break's first non-hurricane location was Detroit in 2008 (and then again in 2009). Our organization was responsible for documenting the week of service. All videos can be found at and

Primarily, we will be focusing on volunteering, but a lot of our free time can be dedicated to producing video blogs, video diaries of participants, and any other experience that we want to share with the United Way community. We hope that our videos can motivate others to take action in their own communities.

The transportation costs down to Mississippi and back are extremely high, especially for college students! Any sized donation will help tremendously and will help us reach our transportation goal of $500.

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