The UNITE Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to youth development and empowerment in Togo, West Africa.

Founded in 2008, The UNITE Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to youth development. Though we are headquartered in Washington, DC our inspiration comes from across the Atlantic Ocean in the small West African nation of Togo. Each year, Volunteers with Peace Corps/Togo and Togolese non-profits work together to organize a youth development program unlike any other operating in Togo today: Camp UNITE.

Created in 2001, Camp UNITE is an educational summer camp that equips young Togolese with the life skills they need to overcome the challenges of growing-up in a developing nation. Many young people in Togo lack essential knowledge about health, gender equity, and the importance of education. Camp UNITE has created a curriculum designed not just to give them the facts, but also the teamwork, communication, and leadership skills needed to put their knowledge into practice.

Four of the Volunteers responsible for organizing Camp UNITE 2007 were so inspired by the stories of the campers they served that upon their return to the United States, they decided to establish an organization that could serve as a source of support for this essential program. Working in partnership with individual donors and American summer camps, The UNITE Foundation raises funds for an annual grant to Camp UNITE.

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