We are seeking donations to support a program making a life-changing impact on underprivileged youths at a critical time in their lives.

Founded five years ago by veteran NYC public school teacher, certified coach and former USA national team player, Lisa Lake, New York Rugby Club’s Under-19 (“U-19”) 501(c)(3) nonprofit program hopes to serve as a model for achievement through participation in citywide sport and community building efforts.


The U-19 program promotes citizenship and teaches the transferable values of commitment, honesty, sportsmanship, trust, teamwork, selflessness, discipline, diversity, competition and fitness through exposure and participation in citywide club rugby. The U-19 program also specifically aims to encourage and facilitate participants to achieve a secondary education, demanding high academic standards while providing resources to meet this goal.


High School (ages 13-19) males and females in New York City, mostly from low-income and minority families


To fill a void in curriculum, after-school activities and community resources, leaving many urban high school-aged children lacking the practical skills and values to reach their potential. The players on the team from Ms. Lake’s Bronx’s Sports Professions High School can attest to this void as rugby is currently the only after school sport.


While fostering the many documented benefits of participation in team athletics, rugby and its code is particularly well designed to reinforce teamwork, discipline, selflessness, leadership, fitness and an obligation to give back to the community. Rugby can also be a positive outlet for the frustrations associated with poverty in an urban
environment. Start-up investment is relatively low and both the male and female games are treated with respect.


Affiliation with New York Rugby Club provides instant access to over 100 adult male and female role models and volunteers from diverse professional and social backgrounds who are eager to invest in the development of U-19 program participants. To give a sense of the deep resources offered to the children by the senior members of the
club, here is a sampling of some services provided: college counseling, regent exam/English tutoring, summer jobs, college recruitment trips, life coaching, free gym space and personal training programs, museum tours, nutrition education and medical advice. In addition, the first word most current players use to describe the club is
“family”, making members of New York Rugby Club effectively “big brothers” and “big sisters” to the youths.

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    The New York Rugby Club, Inc. was formed to continue a tradition of high caliber national and international amateur rugby competition that dates back to the year 1929. The NYRC promotes the growth of amateur rugby in New York and the United States.
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