As an uncle for the 18 children of Beloved Rehoboth, I want to provide them with a memorable Christmas gift. Won't you join me?

The mother of Beloved Rehoboth, Mama Jane, prepares three meals a day for her 18 children in a small space no bigger than a walk-in closet. The children eat their meals outside because the home does not have enough space for them to eat. Therefore, I want to join Beloved's Candlelight Kitchen Campaign to help build a kitchen and dining hall for the home this Christmas season. To learn more about the Candlelight Kitchen Campaign, please check out this blogpost:

Please help me reach my fundraising goal. If you were planning on getting me a gift for Christmas, please support this cause instead. If you weren't planning on getting me a gift... please give me a gift. The smallest sacrifice can go towards making the biggest impact in Kenya. You can learn more about this program by emailing me ( or by checking out this post:

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