Bringing ultrasound imaging to an underserved area of Cape Verde, West Africa.

What is Morabeza? There is no direct translation, but it is a Cape Verdean Creole word that denotes the essence of the generosity, warmth, and kindness of the people of Cape Verde. I’ve recently been granted the American College of Radiology Goldberg-Reeder Resident Travel grant, and I am going back to the land of Morabeza!! I lived and worked in Mosteiros as an ESL teacher after college for two years in the Peace Corps, when I first got to know how kind and generous a people with no natural resources, or significant wealth, can be. I returned in my final year of medical school, when I got to see how meager their medical resources were. It is my hope to return the generosity to the people of Mosteiros by bringing them a portable ultrasound machine. I will spend a month, with the help of Drs. Durhan and Khan teaching the local physician and nurses how to perform basic ultrasound, so they can better treat and triage the people of Mosteiros. I need your help to fund the purchase of the ultrasound equipment that will be donated to the village of Mosteiros. Thank you for your support! (Dr. Robin Sobolewski)

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