Team Running for Cover is running the 2013 Boston Marathon to raise funds to support MFNE's mission of education, prevention and support.

On April 15, 2013 I will line up to run the Boston Marathon. Running this race has long been a personal goal of mine and I couldn't be more excited. Making my participation even more exciting and rewarding is that I will be running as part of the Running for Cover team raising money for the Melanoma Foundation of New England (MFNE).

The MFNE is dedicated to fighting the increasing rate of skin cancer and melanoma through prevention, awareness, and early detection. The organization sponsors a number of prevention and awareness programs as well as education and support programs. The foundation has also had a team running in the Boston marathon since 2004 and I am thrilled to join in their efforts. My connection to prevention and awareness of melanoma is a very real and personal one. In 2004, while training for our first marathon together, my wife Liz had a suspicious spot on her neck noted during a routine dermatologist visit; a biopsy ultimately revealed the spot to be melanoma. Fortunately, she was aware of the need for routine screening and the melanoma was diagnosed early and could be completely removed. Her experience opened my eyes to the importance of skin cancer awareness and I am now diligent about sun safety and routine screening. Through support of the MFNE, I would like to share with others what I have learned.

Thank you all for your thoughts and support. If you are able to provide financial support of my efforts, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your generosity and I look forward to sharing stories of my Running for Cover experience!

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