Picture a person upon a horse or in control of a carriage – active, engaged and proud of their accomplishments.

About Share Cards

When you purchase a Share Card, you are making a donation to River Valley Riders. What makes it different from a regular donation is that you receive a Share Card which you can then give as a gift. Giving a Share Card is a great way to honor the people in your life by giving a gift to the community rather than a material item.

To purchase a Share Card, select or enter an amount in the Make a donation box and click the donate button. Complete the check out process and then we will mail the Share Card to you for you to give as a gift.

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About River Valley Riders

Picture a person upon a horse or in control of a carriage – active, engaged and proud of their accomplishments.

River Valley Riders’ mission is to provide horse related activities including therapeutic riding and carriage driving to children and adults by addressing needs in the areas of physical, sensory, neurological, and/or mental health. Our goals are to:

· Improve the quality of life for our clients by providing physical, cognitive and emotional benefits through interaction with the horse. Because participants build skills through highly stimulating physical and educational activities in an outdoor setting, we expect there to be improved social skills at school (for example, teamwork and waiting their turn) and better sleep patterns at home. As new levels of expertise and challenges are met, these accomplishments build self-confidence and participants are more willing to engage in new activities both at school and home.

· Allow people with disabilities to experience the therapeutic effects of horsemanship. A horse's gait is similar to the human walk; this three-dimensional movement is transferred from the horse to the participant and helps to strengthen spine and pelvic muscles and to improve posture and balance. Additional exercises during lessons help to improve coordination and increase flexibility.

· Offer quality services to an increased population in need of these activities. River Valley Riders has received over 200 requests to provide services that we are unable to accommodate with our current capacity of 45 participants. These requests have come from parents, schools and social agencies who serve vulnerable populations.

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River Valley Riders was founded in 1999 by several dedicated volunteers who saw the positive therapeutic effects of horseback riding for people with disabilities. These benefits include improvement of balance, increase of core strength, development of self-confidence and improvement of social skills. River Valley Riders has provided new opportunities for 133 children and adults during our eleven year history.

A major step toward achieving our goals has been completed with the acquisition of 38 acres in Afton. Through owning property, River Valley Riders will be able to offer more sessions throughout the year and increase the number of children and adults that benefit from the program. Your donation will help build an outdoor riding arena in Afton. River Valley Riders is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible.

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