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"Truthout has consistently made available information that is hard or impossible to find in the major media…. It is performing an invaluable service for those who hope to understand the world, and to go on to change it..." - Noam Chomsky

"Truthout is the easiest way I can regularly catch up on the environmental, political and human rights issues I care about most." - Bruce, a Truthout reader from Honolulu, HI

Truthout was started after the 2000 election to establish a platform for news that was buried or not otherwise reported. Among many impactful reporting topics, Truthout broke major stories contradicting the WMD claims of the Bush administration in the run up to the Iraq war, revealed serious discrepancies between the official statements and the actual facts on the ground during the invasion and occupation of Iraq including descriptions of war crimes and covered the US Attorney scandal indepth.

"I appreciate your thorough and honest reporting and your reluctance to cave into big corporate interest." - Sven, a Truthout reader from Smyrna, GA

"You are my news artery to the US." - Jacqueline, a reader from Vienna, Austria

Our focus during the Obama administration has been the insidious influence of money in American politics, the corporate takeover of our country and the citizen-based efforts to fight back and create the new world that we all know is possible.

"I hope Truthout will get the support it needs to continue its indispensable work of honest journalism." - Howard Zinn

"I'm supporting independent journalism - it is essential to our democracy." - Jeanne, a Truthout reader from Churubusco, IN

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