The women in Triple Ozama have formed a cooperative and are establishing a business venture utilizing two abandoned greenhouses.

Several years ago a Spanish company built two enormous greenhouses in Triple Ozama, but they abandoned the venture after one growing cycle. Lacking any financial resources, the community watched as the buildings fell into disrepair. In January 2012 representatives of ACES North America visited the village and a dream was born. The Dominican and Haitian women have now formed a cooperative and with the help of a government agricultural expert they are ready to plant the first seeds. 150 acres of community property surrounds the greenhouses and it will also be put into production. In January 2013 a team of 8 volunteers from Pennsylvania helped build the foundation for a home which will be used by the security employee. Funds are needed to complete this house, to repair the greenhouses, and to pay the 22 laborers for the first 4 months as they prepare for the initial harvest. A total of $10,000 is needed to provide the start-up funds for this community based endeavor. This money will be a LOAN which will be repaid as the production permits. The loan fund will then be made available for other community projects in Triple Ozama, or for similar projects in other impoverished villages. A memorial donation of $5000 has been made to create the loan fund. Your help is crucial to help us reach our goal. Thank you!!!

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