The Tiyul-Rihla Project is a joint initiative bringing Israelis and Palestinians together to learn the history of the other.

We need YOUR help.

We are a team of Israelis and Palestinians who came together with a common vision: to understand the other better.

The idea for the project was first conceived at a Global Village Square workshop, sponsored by the NGO Center for Emerging Futures.

During the course of the workshop, some of us recognized that there are some very basic misunderstandings surrounding issues of local history, culture and identities.

Sensing the relevance of these issues to political dialogue, we set out to design a program that would help expose and clarify the most basic misconceptions we suffer from.

Tiyul-Rihla is a project run by volunteers and we need YOUR help to keep us going. Your small donation will help us run high quality trips at low participation costs.

To see how our historical trips expose and resolve deep misunderstandings between Israelis and Palestinians, see articles about us on our website.

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    Based in Boise, CEF has created partnerships to promote peace by bringing Israelis and Palestinians together in the Middle East since 2004.
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