Transit for Livable Communities works to increase Transportation Options for all Minnesotans

TLC is the state’s largest organization working for more Transportation Options for Minnesotans. TLC is fighting for world-class public transit and communities designed for bicycling and walking.

Why does this matter?

Because people spend more on transportation than on any other household cost except housing.

More people are choosing bicycling and walking to get where they need to go.

The benefits are immense—in terms of money saved, greater health, less pollution, and the sheer joy of being outside and seeing your community firsthand.

We need you to realize this vision!

With support from our members we've achieved significant victories. Together we've:

  • Taken bicycling and walking to new levels.
  • Helped to secure the funding to build the Central Corridor light rail.
  • Fended off potentially crippling cuts to
    bus service.
  • Worked in coalition with our allies to win a complete streets law.

If you believe that we can’t afford to wait for decades for Transportation Options, please make a donation today!

Find out more about our work at and

Thank you to everyone who supports this work. Together we will expand Transportation Options in Minnesota.

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