Raising money for the American Red Cross after witnessing their good work firsthand in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

My daughter and I challenge all friends and family members to participate in Track Friday in whatever manner they choose...to share this effort with others and help the recovery from Hurricane Sandy. Go to a track, walk, run, bike....or do the same anywhereround your community this Friday. During this week that we are all giving thanks, consider participating. If outdoor activities aren't your thing then TRACK something this day, assign a monetary value to it at the end of the day and give to your favorite charity thru this site. TRACK the points your favorite football team scores, the number of times you are offered pumpkin pie, the number of emails you receive or send, the number of times you check Facebook,......TRACK IT, GIVE IT, MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

We are going to walk 3 miles around the local HS track.

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