Fundraiser for the Monmouth and Ocean County Food Bank in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Seeing all the devastation that Sandy has left in its wake, and all the people who have been displaced, are cold and hungry, I want to help as much as possible. So I am riding on Eric's coat-tails (probably literally for a while) and join in his brilliant idea to rais awareness and much needed funds for the Monmouth and Ocean Counties Food Bank. My goal is to walk two miles (and stay out of the way of runners). I don't think I have walked a full mile since my surgery this Summer. Not without breaks certainly, but I think I can do it. Especially with such great motivation and inspirtation behind me.

After surgery the idea of walking on the beach was a beautiful and daunting one. The beautiful sites and sounds of the ocean, the smell of the fresh air, but the uneven surface of the sand and the long walk to and from the car gave me aprehension mixed with anticipation (of exhaustion and pain and instability). So when a good friend had the idea to take Graeme and I to the beach for the day I was excited and nervous. It turned out to be glorious! The fresh air! The openness of the ocean and the wide beach! Happily, I was able to follow Graeme as he laughed as he chased sea gulls and collected shells. I was able to enjoy the breeze through my hair. I was able to close my eyes and hear the waves crashing and just feel the warmth of the sun on my face. It was a familiar and wonderful feeling. I was able to feel normal. Something I had not felt in a very long time. It lifted my spirits in a way that I am not able to fully describe. So I want to help build up the shore and its people the way that they, and a good friend, built me up when I needed it most.

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