Because of Jesus' love and redemption, we moved to South Wales to plant churches in the council estates and spread the gospel there.

Across the globe, Christians are called by God to live as missionaries in communities to introduce people to the good news of Jesus Christ. For us there is a sense of urgency and a connection to the Valleys of Wales, specifically to more deprived communities known as council estates.

Every region in Wales has them. They are often geographically isolated from the wider community and while they can be tightly-knit communities, residents have a looming feeling of inferiority because of their location and situation. As one person said “we get what we’re given and we’re grateful for it.”

We want to introduce them to the God of the universe. A God who loves the people of the Welsh Valleys enough to make a way for the broken relationship between God and man to be mended.

Many of the cities and villages in Wales don’t have any gospel churches. They are completely without the impact of the good news of Christ's redemption and salvation.

We have hope. God’s presence is still in Wales, and the people are in such great need of His love and grace. There is a small group of Christians infiltrating the Welsh Valleys and spreading the love of Jesus to their communities. We want to join with them.

With your support, we will move into one of the Council estates and be the church day in and day out, living life right along side the Welsh people and showing them what God has done for us. Through the life of Jesus, his death, burial, and resurrection, he saved us and made us the people we are and the people we will become. That is our testimony, and it is that Gospel and good news that we will take to the broken families and fringes of South Wales.

We are so blessed to have a sending church, Coquina Community Church in our hometown of St. Augustine, Florida, as well as a receiving church, Hill City Church in Trevethin, Wales.

We are praying for enough support to cover our move and initial living expenses for our first year in Wales, as well as the minimal start-up costs for the church plant.


Send an email to to let us know that you would like to be a part of our core prayer team.

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