TOP DOG FOUNDATION rescues, provides medical care for and places senior dogs.

The first $10,000 raised this year on Give to the Max day will be matched by a generous grant, so you can double your donation by giving on Nov. 14.


Senior dogs are too often left behind - they are considered "non-adoptable" due to age or related conditions.

We're changing that ! We rescue senior dogs and find new homes for them, often with senior people when possible.

A senior dog is a perfect companion for a senior person. The companionship and love that goes both ways makes a huge difference in the life of both.

Our program is called A Home for Every Aging Heart. We depend on the help of volunteers and the support of folks like you who know how blessed life can be for a rescued senior - both the dog and the person!

Top Dog Foundation is the only local rescue group addressing senior dogs. For nearly ten years, through grants and direct care, we've saved lives. Our service is without fee and we follow through support to the dog and the new owner for the life of the dog.

We've helped more than 130 dogs in the past two years alone, assisting in their rescue, foster, medical care and adoption.

Our Bently Grants program help pay for the often costly medical care that senior dogs sometimes require. The grants go to dog owners, rescue groups or shelters.

Your donation will change the future for a senior dog. About 90% of the money raised by Top Dog Foundation goes directly to our programs, so you can rest assured your donation will help save senior dogs.

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