Top Banana delivers groceries and household items to area seniors and other residents who find it difficult to get out and shop on their own

Many people reach a point—either over time or after a health crisis—when they become unable to do many of the things they once took for granted: Driving, walking, carrying a gallon of milk, reaching, lifting, or unpacking groceries.

For these area residents, Top Banana is ready to step in. For 30 years, Top Banana has made it possible for people like Alice Lipton (recently profiled in "Grocery Service Becomes Alice Lipton's Saving Grace") to get her groceries at home.

When Alice and her husband need groceries or household items, she simply calls in her order to Top Banana. Then, on her weekly delivery day, Top Banana's driver brings out her supplies and puts them on the counter or away in the cabinet. The driver also does small chores for her like loosening jar lids, taking out the trash, or picking up the mail.

With your donation, Top Banana can continue to enable area residents like Alice to remain independent, in control, and confident in their ability to get groceries and stay in their homes.


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