Join me in the barrios of Peru, working w/missionaries there on service work projects along with ministering to battered women & children

God has blessed me and my family in so many ways, and now I have a chance to be a part of this mission helping those in Peru. I know, from past missions, that I am truly the one blessed from helping others and giving and I can't wait for the opportunity to be there and serve in any capacity I'm asked and needed. I'm also excited to be able to share this mission with my son, Justin, who had an incredible experience last year ministering to this area and it's people. I recognize that there are so many ways to be a part of a mission, and financially is just a small part! Please know that I believe that prayer is our most powerful weapon! Please pray that we make an impact while we're there. That our adversary, as he may try to attack, we will be shielded by God's armour and stay strong. And that God's love and grace be poured over the barrios we'll be visiting. Lastly, His footprint is left behind ...

Thank you for your time.


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