I’m going to be running the Boston Marathon and raising money for the kids at the Boys & Girls Club! I hope you will support me!

I’m going to be running the 117th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, 2013 and I’ve set out to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club!

I would never commit to the amount of time and energy it takes to train to run 26.2 miles or ask anyone to donate to this cause if it weren't extremely important to me. I can’t think of a more worthy charity than the Boys & Girls Club. Every day Clubs like this one allow kids to think bigger, grow stronger and become the people they dream of.

As many of you know, I am a newbie runner--I took my first--tentative--2 mile run on April 21, 2010. Frankly, my running buddy thought he was going to have to call the paramedics! But, I did it--and I was bitten by the running bug. At age 57, I finally found an athletic activity I was good at. And that realization transformed my life!

You see, having grown up a "wimpy kid," who thought he was a total failure at any sport, I was teased and bullied about my lack of athletic ability. And that carried with me into adulthood.

But here I was, running like the wind--finally free and a "whole" person for the first time in my life. Within 5 months of that first tentative run, I competed in my first 5K. In less than a year, I ran my first half marathon. Then it was time to conquer by fear and achieve my "outrageous goal." In October, 2012, I ran in the Atlantic City Marathon. But here's the best part--I crossed the finish line a full 12 minutes AHEAD of my target time! This wimpy kid is now a Marathon Man!

And now my goal is to run at least 1 marathon a year for as long as I am able. Boston is the first step in achieving that new "outrageous goal." And the fact that I am running Boston to raise funds in support of the hopes, dreams and aspirations of young people is the icing on the cake for me.

I am living, breathing proof that dreams DO come true. That if you believe in yourself and in your dreams, you CAN accomplish extraordinary things. Yes--I am running to prove something to myself. More important, though, I want my running to inspire others to live into their dreams, just as I have lived into mine. It's never too late! And if the example I set inspires even just 1 person to reach for their dreams, then I will have changed the world.

Making a difference begins with YOU! Please support my run for the Boys and Girls Club. In doing so, you WILL make a difference in the world.

Please make a gift to the Club that will provide quality educational programs and athletic activities to kids so that they are equipped with the crucial skills needed to become healthy, fit and successful adults.

A donation, of any amount, will help!

Thanks for visiting and thank you VERY much for your support of my Boston Marathon run!

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