Help Tom and Ashley fund raise for Team Peacock! Proceeds will go towards scholarships for Upper Iowa University students.

Tom and Ashley, a father/daughter duo, are gearing up and getting ready to hit the road for RAGBRAI! Together the two will cover a total of 836 miles over the course of seven days, July 20-July 26.

Riding all of RAGBRAI is on both Tom and Ashley's bucket lists but if they can ride and help someone else out...why not! Since 2005 TEAM PEACOCK rides to raise money for student scholarships. Tom certainly appreciates scholarships as he continues to support his kids, all three are in college and grad school. :) Tom is also a graduate of UIU. Ashley, a current graduate student, has yet to take out student loans for grad school because of donations like this!

With the desire to get into shape and to help others, help Tom and Ashley meet their goal! Donations of all sizes are welcome! Thank so much for your support!

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