Meeting the educational,nutritional and economic development needs of communities in El Salvador, Ethiopia, and the Philippines

Together in Hope was founded after its director Diane McGehee and her husband travelled to Africa in 2006. They were both overwhelmed by the poverty that many of the world's children live in. Together in Hope was found on the idea 'if we worked together in hope, together with these communities to empower their gifts, together with others who live in material and other forms of abundance that could be shared and joined with the rich abundance of survival, strength, endurance, and spirit of these children, we could make a difference; we could, together, change lives and communities so that they too know fullness in all aspects of their lives – body, mind, and spirit.”

Together in Hope works with impoverished communities in the Philippines, El Salvador and Ethiopia providing nutritional and educational support to children, livelihood and training programs for adults and youths, and providing free medical and dental care to these communities.

For many of the adults living in these communities, they struggle to give their children the necessary basics such as food and access to education. Together in Hope provides the children with a healthy meal to improve their health and well being. We also provide the children with basic education such as preschool education, tutorial support and educational supplies to ensure children have the necessary educational materials needed to attend local schools.

The level of education amongst these communities is very low. Together in Hope is providing livelihood and vocational training to the adults living in these communities. The goal is to train the communities in these skills to improve their employment opportunities and to help them sustain an economic base for their families.

In each of these communities, there is little to no access to medical care. Together in Hope works with the local community and brings medical teams from the states to provide free medical and dental care to the people living in these communities.

Together in Hope’s model is one of accompaniment that leads to self-sustainability, rather than ongoing dependency. Since its establishment, Together in Hope has been expanding its services to improve the living conditions for vulnerable children, adolescents, women, and in general the life of destitute families and marginalized communities in the locations in which Together in Hope works. Within our core values is a strong belief in the dignity and worth of every person and the conviction that the resources available to the global community are sufficient to meet the needs of all if we will work Together in Hope for a better future for all. Together in Hope is devoted to touching lives in marginalized communities around the world. Every day, countless children and communities strive to meet basic needs for nourishment, education, empowerment, growth, and sufficiency.

The goal of Together in Hope is to assist these destitute communities, around the world, in building more advantageous lives for themselves, their children, and their future.

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