Meeting the educational,nutritional and economic development needs of communities in El Salvador, Ethiopia, and the Philippines


Together in Hope's mission is to empower lives and communities in need.


Together in Hope envisions a world where children don't go hungry, where children can go to school, where parents can afford to give their children a future and where children don't die of curable illnesses. Together in Hope believes that if we all work together, together in hope that we can make this world a reality and give those living in poverty a future with hope.

Together in Hope works with some of the world's poorest communities living in the Philippines, El Salvador and Ethiopia who have been forgotten by international development organizations. We work with these communities to help them break the cycle of poverty and give them a future with hope.


Our model hinges on the perspective that to empower a community living in poverty, the community must be involved in every step of the program and that they must own the project. Together in Hope does not walk into a community and create change; we wait to be invited by local community leaders to work with the community toward empowerment. The community is the main decision maker and they decide the programs they need to create change. Together in Hope comes alongside that effort and works with the local community to implement these programs.

Our main goal is to empower these communities and to leave as little foot print as possible. This model is built upon shared leadership amongst the community. The local community plays an active role in the project identification, planning, implementation, and monitoring. As a community grows and develops, Together in Hope is there to assist with educational and nutritional support, job and livelihood training, and health care support. By empowering communities, Together in Hope seeks to break the cycle for poor marginalizes families, we aim to give the families living in these communities a future with hope and a brighter tomorrow.

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