I am going on a mission trip to Ethiopia to support Adam Taylor and his street boys ministry.

In August, I will be travelling to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to support Adam Taylor's change for change ministry for street boys. Adam is responsible for 15 boys who used to live on the streets of Addis.

This is the same trip that I went on last year. So why go back to Ethiopia? After hearing the testimonies of the boys who used to live on the streets, I am invested in the future of these boys.

It was amazing to hear the stories of these boys who went from living on the street to now having a future. Many of the boys are tops in their class at school after not being in school for years. These boys now have futures and hope for their future. That comes from having people like Adam believe in them and encourage them and teach them how to be men. It also comes from knowing that they are loved. Many of the boys have put their faith in Christ and it is awesome to see that hope and peace lived out with these boys.

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