I want to give $1000 on my 1st birthday to a great cause - won't you help me?

I've only been alive for a little over 11 months, but I know that soon I'll be 11 years old and by that time, there will probably be over 10,000 women murdered by their partner just in the United States. If I start adding the numbers of people who will have sexual violence perpetrated against them or be exploited for their work or sex, the numbers are so big that I can't even count that high...

My parents are doing their best to protect me from this type of danger, but protection is not enough. Did you know most violence and exploitation is done by someone you know? And did you know that most people don't report an assault or abuse to the police because they are ashamed or scared about what will happen? And I was really sad when I heard that many communities have no tools to help support survivors when they disclose what happened to them-- often they are silenced and shut out.

When I learned this, I decided to I want to raise money for my 1st birthday to help survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking and also help educate and mobilize communities to end violence.

How can YOU help create a world where I will be safe, strong and healthy?

1. Believe & support survivors who are courageous whether or not they can come forward and talk about it.

2. Decide that you will not stand by and do nothing when you see injustice happening around you.

3. Help each other and hold each other up to a high standard of creating a just world for everyone, especially those with the least power and voice.

4. Make a donation to a great organization near you, or to my favorite organization, API Chaya, where they are helping survivors and educating communities every day.

I picked API Chaya to support because they are a strong organization rooted in community mobilizing work. They have been around for almost 20 years supporting Asian, South Asian, Pacific Islander and Middle Eastern survivors in the Seattle area and doing some awesome work. Also, my Amma works there and tells me about the great stuff they're doing every day. I hope you will help me reach my goal.

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