Establishing a Christian/Messianic School in Tel Aviv, Israel. A safe-haven for children from evangelical homes.

The mission of Tikvat Yisrael School (Hope of Israel School) is to establish a k-12 co-educational Christian/Messianic school in central Israel. Midwest Hebrew Ministries is partnering with Tikvaty Yisrael (A registered non-profit in Israel) to establish this school. Two similar schools exist in Israel, but in Tel Aviv and the surrounding area, no such school has yet been established. With the help of the two existing schools and overwhelming support of the local Christian and Messianic community, we plan to open the school in the Fall of 2015. Curriculum will be in Hebrew, Bible-based, excellence driven, with small class sizes meant to optimize each students learning potential.

There is a huge need for a school that offers an alternative to public school education that can be very harmful to their faith in Yeshua (Jesus).

In order to achieve our target opening date, we need to raise $320,000 by August 31st, 2015. Would you please consider supporting this important cause?

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