We are a national network of over 60 independent media outlets dedicated to supporting smart, powerful and passionate journalism.

It's hard to get the real story when the airwaves are dominated by Fox News and a corporate media that cares mostly about infotainment.

Independent media don't answer to corporate shareholders, so we can offer a real alternative--in-depth investigative reporting; sophisticated news analysis; local and citizen-sourced journalism--stories that give you the information you need to make the world a better place.

What we Do

Every day, we provide help and support to your favorite independent news programs. We provide:

  • webinars on the latest news-gathering tools
  • training for reporters on hard-to-cover topics
  • incentives for outlets to collaborate

Through our annual meeting, regional meetings, conference calls and programming, we

  • connect radio, print, tv, and web-based news producers
  • forge closer bonds between local and national programs;
  • bring outlets together to work jointly on big stories;
  • and increase the impact of those stories by promoting them through our social media feeds.


In 2012, the Media Consortium (TMC) had a number of successes

  1. TMC trained 15 reporters to follow the media policy beat, putting out over 80 stories including many that helped win the net neutrality debate.
  2. On OccupyMayDay, TMC organized 42 outlets to tell the story of this national protest. Our website mediaforthe99percent.com got over 20K hits, and changed the mass media story about the day.
  3. Over 80% of magazines fail by their fourth year. In 2012, no TMC members went under.

We Can Do More

For 2013, we are already organizing collaborations around fracking and reproductive justice. We hope to start training journalists to report more accurately on unions, and we will start training activists on how to report the stories they see. We can do even more--with your help.

If you care about getting accurate news from independent sources unsullied by corporate money, please support the Media Consortium.

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