The 30-Days Foundation celebrates the simple premise that helping people in need is a good thing

Founded in 2010 by Twin Cities musician Mick Sterling, The 30-Days Foundation is a simple, effective and timely option for people in need. We do this by providing a simple non-judgemental way to help people in need by providing them a one-time financial grant to help them out of a jam.

Important to Know:

*All payments are made ONLY to the service that needs payment. They are NOT made payable to the person requesting help

*By simply going to and filling out an incredibly simple application, all applicants will get an answer as to whether we can help them or not help them within thirty days of their request. That's why we are called THE 30-DAYS FOUNDATION

*All payments are made in check form to a particular business that needs payment, or in gift card form to a grocery store, fuel card, or department store. No cash or direct payments are given to the person requesting help

*Even though we are from the Twin Cities, anybody in the country can access our assistance. Why? Because department stores, gas stations, grocery stores, utility companies are all over the country. We do everythingn online. We can mail any payment anywhere

The 30-Days Foundaition has already helped over 200 families since we began in January of 2011. We want to help thousands more

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