This is your theater! Laid back, friendly, free parking, no attitude.


Theater created for people who like a good story and experincing life with friends new and old.

We like stories that make us laugh, bring us to tears, frighten us, inspire us, and help us remember how amazing the human spirit really is. You know, the kinds of stories you want to see and hear and share with friends because they leave you with hope and wonder. It’s our artistic philosophy in a nutshell.

Being a big time arts supporter doesn’t take big bucks. Whether you can share $5 or $50,000 (that would be pretty exciting for everyone!), we know that your friendship and generosity are the gifts that help us maintain a theater where everyone is welcome.

Although we do not charge admission for our outdoor productions, creating theater is not free. In fact, we believe that treating trained artists fairly with appropriate compensation is an important value (our short term goal is to be able to pay all of our artists at least the new Minnesota minimum wage—it’s the right thing to do, even if it’s rare). We carefully control expenses, and prioritize where your generous contributions are spent.

When you give, you tell us that making theater available to everyone and treating artists fairly is important to you. Your gift is one small way of being an art-maker with us.

Be sure to introduce yourself when you come to the show--we want to thank you in person!

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