Miracles happen when you care about ONE!

The young faces, peering thru dirt streaked windows, full of hope, know their chances of finding a family are slim. After all, at 6, 8, 9 years old, they are too old for a second chance at a family...

The orphanage stood beyond the rusted fence, across a dusty, grassless yard filled with concrete blocks, old tires and a broken down bus; the playground adorned only with a small sandbox and one squeaky swing. Tears filled my eyes as we approached the ramshackle building; the environment so gray and oppressive I could scarcely breathe. My child lives here! My heart breaks as I imagine all he and the other children have suffered in their young lives.

I knew then our lives were forever changed. Our son was coming home, but who would open their homes to the others? How could we leave all of these children without a voice, a name, someone to care? So began our journey to help these forgotten orphans find their place in the world…in a REAL family.

We know we can’t help them all, but ONE by ONE, we are making a difference—saving lives.

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