The Pocket Project is raising funds for an upcoming trip to Nsumensa Village! Please visit to donate!

The Pocket Project, Inc. believes in helping when and where we can; no matter how small or large that help is. Currently the Pocket Project, Inc's main focus is the Nsumensa Village Project.

The Nsumensa Village Project was founded in May 2010 by Heather Bowden. Nsumensa (in-soo-men-sa) village is located 4 miles by a rugged foot path into the rainforest in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa. Nsumensa Village Primary School was started due to the simple fact that the children in the village did not have a school to attend. In the beginning two teachers were hired to teach 33 students in a small, rundown building.

While it was great that the children in Nsumensa finally had teachers to teach them, it was not an ideal or sustainable situation to be taught in a building that was falling apart.

In March 2012 Heather traveled to Nsumensa to build a larger and more permanent building. From April through the end of July 2012 Heather, Nsumensa villagers and Ghanaians from neighboring towns built the two building, three classroom structure. Rainwater catchment systems where installed. Desks, benches, and chalkboards were made. Tree seedlings were planted around the school compound and donated to the PTA.

As of today the Nsumensa Village Primary School has three teachers and 60 students that would not have had the opportunity to attend school. Thanks to the generosity of the Jamin Fund and hundreds of caring individuals, the children in Nsumensa Village and the teachers employed have more opportunities in life to support themselves and their families due to the gift of education.

Donations given to the Pocket Project go towards teachers salaries, school supplies, and building maintenance. We are currently working with the Ghana Education Service to transfer the school over to their system. This will be a huge and exciting step towards longterm sustainabilty! Donations will also go towards the the process of making this transition happen.

Thank you!

It is not our intention to convey that Nsumensa village is a place to be pitied for its poverty, but rather is a vibrant community that needs our help to do more.

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