The Minneapples are part of HUGE's first Improv-a-thon! Your donation goes to a worthy non-profit and could help us win 6 airline tickets.

Catch us at 10:30 on 11/15 and 8:00 am on 11/16! The Minneapples LOVE Huge so much that we want to give it lots and lots of money. Can you help us do that?

Part of HUGE's mission is to support improvisers and to help further the art of long-form/scenic improv. It is the first theater of its kind in Twin Cities and one of very few in the country.

Huge gives The Minneapples the chance to be silly and weird on stage and we want to thank them for it. Please help us raise money AND help us win free tickets to fly to an improv festival anywhere in the country!!

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