We work with at-risk students on the east side of St Paul on job skills and financial literacy, with a focus on healthy relationships.

At the Lift, our Ca$h program focuses on financial literacy and job skills. Ca$h In is our first level of job skills. Junior and senior high students earn Lift Dollars by serving in our community each week - raking leaves, assisting senior citizens, cleaning up parks, and delivering meals. Students spend their Lift Dollars at our store, where they can buy everything from school supplies to sports equipment.

Our second level, Ca$h Flow, involves high school students and young adults in running an on-line Amazon book business. Students learn how to secure a job and excel in their performance. They manage inventory, fill orders, price books and work on a team.

Ca$h Wise is our third level of job skills. Students and young adults who are successful in Ca$h Flow are invited to work at the Plaza Maplewood Theatre, which we run in partnership with Woodland Hills Church. Students learn important customer service skills to add to their resume. (launches November, 2013)

Finally, Ca$h Out involves us reaching out to community employers who are willing to hire our program graduates for jobs in the real world.

Our Lift Up Kids program for students in grades 1-6 offers them a safe place for homework help, crafts, life skills, fun, music and spiritual growth.

The core of everything we do is a commitment to building relationships with students and their families.

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