To help bring awareness of the many ways to treat children who are diagnosed with autism.

When my eldest daughter was 2 1/2yrs old is when we knew she was different. We eventually diagnosed her as autistic with no other help to follow. We never were given direction, what to do, how to help. Just told this is what she has, give her therapy to help her talk and learn to do every day things, but you'll never change her diagnosis.

I was BLESSED to learn of alternative treatments for our kids. It was in learning that there IS something you can do to help, that I found hope for my daughter. From feeling like she would never talk or hold a conversation with someone, or that she wouldn't say "I love you" and mean it, I found a new child. My daughter engages in conversations now, wants to have friends, and hugs me more than I could have dreamed.

It is imperative that everyone is aware of other options out there to treat these children that have been damaged by vaccines, enviornment, etc. There is hope, there is an option. You don't just need to say "ok he/she is autistic". You may be able to help your child come out of their box, and enter our world.

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