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As the Artistic Director of Live Action Set, I work with the best people available to bring the most exciting and thought provoking new work to Minnesota theater and dance community. I'm deeply gracious to all those who decide to give their time, money, and encouragement. Thank you! - Noah


We are excited to present to you our latest innovation. There is whimsy, poetry, surprise, eccentricity, and above all, happiness. Happiness includes song, dance, sunsets, picnics (including food that you can eat), detailed explanations, lightening bugs, and much more.

What could you possibly name such a thing? Why, it's called: The Happy Show . We're installing it throughout the nooks and crannies of the Bedlam Theatre in an immersive theatrical experience in which you'll follow a mythical troupe of happy-makers performing the ancient Ritual of Happiness. After creating happiness throughout the ages, this happy troupe pitches tent at the Bedlam Theatre to bring joy to the good people of the Twin Cities for sixteen performances from April 29 to May 15 .

Tickets include food and drink and are $25 for shows on Friday and Saturday evenings and $20 all other times.

Learn more about The Happy Show at , and our "I'm happy if you're happy: The Viral Happy Show" facebook page.

Bedlam is located at 1501 S. 6th St in the West Bank neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The production is created by the ensemble. Ryan Underbakke leads the core cast that includes Four Humors co-founder Brant Miller , Portuguese clown Diogo Lopes, dancer/ choreographer Emily King , the incomparable actress/singer/performer Isabel Nelson , and Live Action Set artistic director Noah Bremer.

A chorus of twelve performers is led by Live Action Set co-founder Galen Treuer and Four Humors co-founder Matt Spring , who also provides stage management and assists with direction in his role as consigliere. The chorus (who we endearingly call "Easter Bunnies") includes Allison Witham, Blythe Riske, Mark Benzel, Alicia Dansby, Amelia English, L. J. Johnson, Holly Brimhall, Matt Riggs, Katie Jorgenson, Mike Rylander, and Lisa Bol.

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