I'm reading all month in February! Getting SMARTER, reading FASTER, building my imagination, and raising money for my awesome public school!

Hi everyone! My 2nd grade class, and every other class at my elementary school, will be reading for the entire month of February 2013 to raise money for field trips, books, art supplies, and other things provided by our school's PTA. Will you help me?

I'm trying to read 2,000 minutes during the month. That's a lot! Almost 35 hours of reading during the month. Where's my XBox time going to come from??

Maybe you can sponsor me with 2 cents per minute? That would be $40. It's super easy to pledge on this site. Whatever you can do, I love you for it! Thank you!

I'll be sending out lots of messages to let you know how I'm doing toward my goal. And I'll post pictures too. Check back here often and follow my Read-a-thon month!

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