The Emily Program Foundation is on a mission to save lives, change minds, and work to eliminate eating disorders.

Eating disorders and related problems affect millions of Americans. They are devastating, isolating, and costly for individuals, families and our communities. And while more prevalent than breast cancer or Alzheimer’s, eating disorders receive relatively little resources for research, prevention, and treatment. The Emily Program Foundation champions advocacy and education. Working with like-minded organizations, community groups, and individuals, together we can make a difference!


And, as part of regional and national coalitions, The Emily Program Foundation advocates for access to care, greater research resources, and improved prevention. It also helps fund advocacy efforts, citizen lobbying, and public policymaking.


Using seminars for professionals, classroom talks, community workshops, and other forums, The Emily Program Foundations increases awareness and facilitates effective interventions for eating disorders, obesity, and body image problems among adults and young people.

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