Gifts enable The Catholic Spirit and to continue a tradition of excellence in informing & inspiring God's people.

Above the main doors of the Cathedral of St. Paul, the Latin inscription carved in stone repeats the command Jesus gave to his disciples: "Go teach all nations."

For over 100 years, this local Church has turned to one entity for help with fulfilling that directive: its Catholic newspaper.

Today "The Catholic Spirit" meets the challenge by putting into the hands of parishioners an award-winning archdiocesan publication and useful Web sites.

Together the print and online versions of The Catholic Spirit help the archdiocese by:

  • Providing clear Catholic teaching
  • Enriching with facts people's conversations about the faith
  • Challenging Catholics to live morally and justly
  • Inspiring noble acts
  • Deepening spiritual and prayer life
  • Celebrating Catholic traditions
  • Strengthening Catholic identity
  • Enlivening the Catholic community into action
  • Drawing people closer to Jesus, to their parishes and to the Church.

These are vital roles The Catholic Spirit plays in the life of the Church, and no other entity touches as many Catholics as our archdiocesan newspaper does either in newsprint or on the Internet.

A gift to The Catholic Spirit is truly an investment in high-quality, multi-channel Catholic journalism, the kind of Catholic communication that teaches and inspires readers with the Good News of Jesus Christ and his Church.

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