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The Artists' Well provides support for creative people who are committed to making art while facing ongoing health challenges.

Background: For the past three years, we have been talking—on the radio, in our communities and with other artists—about the issues that chronically ill artists face. When we started talking about these issues, we found many artists who have résumé gaps due to their struggles with long-term chronic illness. These are people that we know, and these are artists who need to know they aren’t alone.

The need: Artists, even more than other kinds of workers, are judged by the quantity of work they produce. Artists who struggle to generate regular work because of chronic illness are at a disadvantage when competing for McKnight, Jerome, and similar fellowships.

Disabled artists are not less talented than those who do not have disabilities, but disabled artists have to fight harder to get their work into the world.

Whether facing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, debilitating anxiety, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or undiagnosed issues that are often paralyzing, we are still artists, and still need support—both practical and emotional—to make work.

Programs: The Artists' Well provides three programs designed to provide chronically ill artists with the emotional and practical support they need.

Soup Heals: “Soup Heals" began one full year ago for a musician who was hospitalized for depression. The community rushed in to help right away, but like with most invisible illnesses, the care and tending dropped off quickly. This illness, like many that artists struggle with, will always challenge both artist and family and be an obstacle in the way of producing art that needs to be in the world.

A Soup Heals family gets a delivery of a hearty soup once a week. It isn’t just about the food, it is about the TENDING. It’s a message of support through the consistent care.

The Artists’ Well works to target artists in long-term need, with long-term struggles and creates a team of volunteers (from their own community and beyond) to provide the meals.

Sharing Circles: With The Artists’ Well, we will hold quarterly circles—forums and conversations that support these struggling artists.

Lending loft: We currently have a lending library to share resources, equipment and books. We are always accepting donations.

Future plans: The vision for The Artists’ Well is a grand one. Eventually we would like to offer a grant program to help meet ongoing needs of chronically ill artists and their families.

To get involved email us at theartistswell@gmail.com

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