I have been selected to represent the United States by volunteering in Thailand this summer with International Student Volunteers (ISV), a volunteer and travel organization. ISV is an internationally recognized and awarded organization that appoints university students to various countries around the world in an effort to impact entire communities and endangered habitats in need.

I am so excited to have an opportunity to assist others in the world, but, as you may know, international travel can be somewhat costly. It is so important to me that I get to go on this trip because I will know that I have helped make a difference in some child’s life. This is why I’m asking for your help.

Community Development Project

Why this is important: In Thailand, many of the population are disadvantaged with limited access to medical care and education. The wealth of Thailand’s major cities draws attention away from the fact that many people living in rural areas continue to rely on subsistence agriculture and do not have basic infrastructure. With your help, we will be able to improve the quality of life for struggling families and children. ISV will also be caring for orphaned children, many of whom are refugees from Myanmar. These children need the help of ISV volunteers, who will help build them a brighter future away from trafficking, malnutrition, and drug addiction. We want for these kids to feel loved and supported, because everyone deserves that.

Environmental Project

Why this is important: As a result of recent agricultural practices and development, much of Thailand’s natural areas are now at risk for species loss and destruction. Thailand is home to over 100 National Parks and rainforests older than the Amazon. Wildlife continues to be poached, illegally traded or domesticated. Every year, ISV helps different rescue organizations for elephants, gibbons, and other animals in order to preserve them in their natural state and keep them safe from harm. While on my environmental conservation project, I’ll receive hands-on, practical experience supporting such issues as endangered species preservation or habitat restoration.

The ISV program also has a strong educational component, and I am really looking forward to learning about the global issues facing other countries, and how I can help. Your donation will go toward my program and travel costs (approx. $5,000), covering my accommodations, most meals, project materials and support, ground transportation, and tour guidance.

Again, I would greatly appreciate any support you can give. Please know that any support you can offer will go a long way toward changing the lives of others!

Thank you so much for any contribution you may make!

-Rachel Baroody

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    Hey my name is Elizabeti, I am a student at Radford University in Virginia. And this summer I would like to volunteer in South Africa!
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