Fundraising for CAP Kids and helping send Haleyann and other children to Alopeciapalooza! Helping children find their beauty!

On January 1st, Haleyann (my 11 yo daughter) told me she had lost "some" hair in the shower. After checking on her, the amount of hair was shocking. She continued to lose the same amount of hair every single day until her Dermatolgist appointment a month later.

Haleyann was miserable. The shedding in the shower was unbearable. She became embarrassed and withdrawn because of the patches and breakage. She wouldn't leave the house without a covering and always felt people were staring at her. She wanted so much to buzz the scraps of hair she had left.

That's exactly what she did after leaving the doctor's office. She shaved her own head and has never looked back! She does not wear a covering (unless she's cold). Her smile shines brighter each and ever day.

Haleyann said that having Alopecia Areata has given her a voice. She has become brave and confident! Her new goal is to use her abilities and desires to help other children find their voice as well!

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