NECHAMA Volunteers & staff are hard at work helping Hoboken, Moonachie & other parts of NJ, recover from Hurricane Sandy. Please give.

NECHAMA-Jewish Resposne to Disaster

(AKA/Our Legal Name: "NECHAMA-Jewish Disaster Response"


NECHAMA is a voluntary organization providing clean-up and recovery assistance to homes and businesses affected by natural disaster. Guided by the Jewish values of Tikun Olam, repairing the world, performing good acts, and helping the stranger, NECHAMA offers a helping hand in the spirit of goodwill and creating mutual respect and understanding among people.

NECHAMA, Hebrew for "comfort," is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Currently, volunteers and staff from NECHAMA-Jewish Response to Disaster are hard at work helping Hoboken and Moonachie, NJ, recover from Hurricane Sandy. NECHAMA is assessing other areas of New Jersey and Greater New York to determine additional priority areas for our volunteer-driven and direct clean up assistance. Given the scope of Hurricane Sandy’s destruction, our resources are limited. We are in need of immediate funds to scale-up and cover the cost of our deployment. We anticipate remaining active on the East Coast for approximately one year helping thousands of impacted individuals and families recover from this epic storm.

Our General Programs

NECHAMA’s programs are direct and effective ways to prepare for and respond to disasters.

NECHAMA’s Disaster Response Program:

  • Provides direct cleanup assistance following large-scale natural disasters free of charge to those in need. This assistance not only saves families precious time and money, but it also provides critical comfort and hope.

  • NECHAMA is inclusive and welcomes volunteers of all faiths and provides assistance to disaster survivors regardless of religious affiliation.

NECHAMA’S Training Program:

  • Provides pre- and post-disaster training related to cleanup, chainsaw operation, safety, and volunteer management for individual volunteers as well as other organizations.

NECHAMA’s Tool Lending Program:

  • Lends cleanup tools for extended periods to resource-challenged organizations, communities and individuals responding to disaster. The program is open to established and community start-up organizations.

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