We do cross country quad roller-skating and believe in equal rights and considerations for people who move (or commute) on their own power.

I Adah Lavoy, am a direct descendant of Abraham Lincoln. My Husband Harvey Lavoy Marshall and I believe that retiring the US Penny will help strengthen our American Infrastructure. We can create a new tax revenue by rounding up or down to the nearest 5 cents. America as a whole, can grow from this. It would generate billions of dollars in taxes and Adventure Cycling's USBRS could be one of many to benefit from this new tax revenue.The roads are in terrible condition as we were skating on the southern tier, we have video of it on our Facebook page and a new tax revenue can better these roads. Did you know it costs 2.41 cents to make a penny? Tax payers spent 116.7 making pennies and nickles that aren't worth anything last year. That's a lot of roads being paved for the USBRS, schools,cops,aid, teachers, etc. Its a disgrace having my ancestor on the penny.Team Nomad 99 asks that you write the White House via US Postal because this will generate work for the US postal service and let the President know your voice on retiring the penny and sign the petition on change.org. Let your voice be heard!

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