Help us raise $200 for Adult Shelter Cats!

One day we went to the shelter to look at cats. We saw one cage with nothing in it, but there was a name tag. A staff member pulled a blanket away, and underneath was the most beautiful cat in the world. She was older, she had long hair that was sure to shed everywhere, and she was so shy - in fact, that was the reason her former owners surrendered her, she was too shy!

Well, we fell in love, and thought we would rather have her hide under our blankets than leave her there. So we adopted her and we could not be happier.

We say that living with Miss Precious Perfect is like living with a unicorn. A sighting is rare, but magical. We might see her in the window when we pull in the driveway, or she might come snuggle in the bed when we are asleep. But she is just as much a part of our family than if she greeted us at the door everyday.

Please help us raise money to help the adult shelter cats who are usually the last to be looked at, and spend the most time in shelters!

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