Running the Disney Princess Half Marathon for my sweet girl who can't run....

I'm not a runner. Never have been. Well, unless you, you just really can't count jr. high track. Besides, that was a loooooong time ago! But recently I've been running. Okay, okay.....I'm still doing more walking than running.... I'm getting there. And sometimes I whine and complain because I'm tired. I'm hot. My legs hurt. Pitiful. You know why? My sweet Martilee has Rett Syndrome. She can't run. She can't even walk. But twice a week she has physical therapy. Her awesome therapist puts her in her gait trainer and, with much assistance, she walks up and down the hall of the hospital. Occasionally she whines, but usually she walks with a big smile on her face. Every single step is a huge accomplishment. I'm so proud of her! She is the reason I am learning to run. In February I plan on running 13.1 miles. Okay, I'll walk some of those miles for sure. But I will cross that finish line. Every single step will be for Martilee.

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