The mission of The Healing Hands Foundation is to sustainably provide high quality medical treatment to patients in other countries.

I run for a reason. I run for a cause. I run to help others and in return help myself. I believe we are all here on earth to give hope to someone. Mission work holds a very special place in my heart. I had the pleasure of attending missions for 5 years. You never forget the people and passion to live in their environment. You never forget the patients you carried down the hallway, played soccer with in a small patch of grass, cried with when you heard their story. You hug them in hopes they feel your heart sending love to them. For such small monetary amounts, you can fix the face of a child, provide a man with a hernia repair, or help a children receive a cast for a broken arm. Their are so many ways to help. I watch the cutest boy receive a prothestic leg and we have changed his life for the positive. You give a child a walker and she now has the freedom to walk alone. Life changes for them. Life changes for you. I also volunteer in the US and dearly love it. Mission work holds an amazing place in my heart that I hope I expressed with you in my story. I hope you will support me as I run this race. I am running for the patients and telling their story. Together, we can help.

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