This Christmas season, please join us in support of Children’s Villages of Honduras and our special friend Maria Gudiel.

Meet our friend Maria! We have known this sweet girl for over 3 years and have seen the difference this organization has made in her life. When Maria was quite young, her alcoholic and abusive father abandoned her family leaving her mother alone to care for her and her siblings. Her mother, unable to provide for her children, was left with little choice but to hand her and her siblings over to the Honduran social welfare system. When Maria arrived at the New Hope Village she was a shy, timid girl, who was behind in school and suffered from a disabling knee problem that did not allow her to run and play like other kids. Maria immediately received the necessary health care for her knee and soon began to be as active as everyone else - and without pain. Because of the love bestowed upond her at the home, Maria has gained the confidence she needed to blossom into a chatty and extroverted young girl. Today she is on the cusp of completing two grades in a single school year and getting her education back on track.

Maria is just ONE of many children who without the support of New Hope Village have little chance to succeed in life. With an upstanding organization making such a positive difference in her life she has a chance to become great and make a difference for her entire country. Without support, this organization will fail. We have spent time with these kids. We have held them, and played with them, and love them - they are real and they need us! With your contribution we can ensure that Maria, and many other children just like her, have a hopeful holiday season, and an even brighter 2013.

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