This is my second year running and fundraising for the Twin Cities Lung Run in honor and remembrance of the greatest mom there ever was!

Team Dianne supports the mission of A Breath of Hope wholeheartedly. Lung cancer is any one's cancer and we need to erase the guilt and blame associated with it. Funding and research need to be increased for this cancer that kills more than prostate, breast and colon cancer COMBINED.

Losing my mom to lung cancer in 2007 has single handedly turned my world upside down. She was a woman full of love, compassion and generosity and she was taken far too soon. Hearing the diagnosis of "lung cancer" gave her nothing but fear. I told my mom that I will be satisfied if I turn out to be half the woman she was. I mean to honor and remember her in any way that I can. By supporting this foundation I aim to help increase hope for those diagnosed with lung cancer. Everyone deserves an equal fight. Funding and research need to be increased in order to combat lung cancer.

If you are able, please consider donating to this cause! Your donation will help increase hope for many suffering from this terrible disease.

Best wishes and lots of love!


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