If you were to ask me 2 years ago that I would be signed up and training for a marathon. I would have said that you were crazy! I know that's what many people I know are saying about me now that I'm actually doing it. People ask me why in the world would I want to run 26 miles? Well there is many reasons why but there's none more important to me then for the reason of a little boy I know named Colin that has CF. When I started running about two years ago it was because of several new friends that I came to know from our new church home. They are responsible for getting me started on this new journey of my life. As I began to get into running and going to events and races starting with 5K's and working my way on up. I wondered how long I would stick with it. With the help from my running group keeping me motivated I found I couldn't stop and started enjoying it. But as time went on I learned of someone that helped keep me motivated and determined more than anyone else. To keep me pushing harder and harder and not stop and give up when I would get tired. This little boy is such an inspiration to so many of us. When I start getting tired and have a hard time breathing I remind myself of Colin and how he has to live with not being able to breath as freely as I do at times. That's the whole reason when you see me that I always have the same blue bracelet on. I wear it in support of him and fighting CF. I call him little Superman. I remember back before I knew Colin and his family I would see him run around at times with a Superman shirt on and from that time on I can't see the Superman emblem and not think of Colin. He is definitely a super kid that is tougher than any other kid I know. Colin and his family have become a blessing to many people. The love this family display's for life is such an inspiration. I truly believe that God is using Colin for his Glory. Even though he's too young to understand right now but God has a plan for him and already at such an young age he is a blessing to others letting the Lord work through him to reach others. I wanted my first marathon to be special and to be with friends I love and appreciate. I couldn't think of any other race better to do than The Georgia Marathon in March. I'll be running with a group called 65 Roses for Team Colin. I will be training for the next couple of months and would really appreciate all the support I can get. I would greatly appreciate any donation of any kind. Whatever you feel in your heart lead to do I thank you and your support. The donations go to fighting CF and helping to find a cure for this disease so that one day CF will stand for Colin is Fine!

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