The Alaska Wildbird Rehab Center is expanding it's facility. This fundraiser will help get water, electricity, and septic for the center.

I am the Rehabilitation Director for Alaska Wildbird Rehab Center. I have been with this organization for 5 years. I started as a volunteer and I fell in love with the birds.

There has been many birds that have come to the center over the years. Each bird that has come threw the door of the center has touched my heart and shown me something about myself or about life in general.These birds are family to me and to the volunteers that come in and care for them.

Our center has become to small to house all the birds that we care for in a year. We need your help to expand so we can provide medical care for more birds that have been injured. HELP US SAVE THE BIRDS! So that our children can see and learn from them as we have.

Thank you for your support

Rehab Director

Tyler Strode

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