Working with Young Life I get to see lives change all the time. At club, campaigners, during lunch at the school and everything in-between, leaders move into the world of kids carrying the truth that they are loved by Christ exactly where they are. Summer camp is one of the places where it is easiest to see God move in the lives of kids; a lifetime of experiences is compressed into seven days, forever changing the life that comes out of it.

Two years ago, I became a Young Life leader. And just last summer, I was able to go to summer camp, as a leader, and lead a cabin of girls the entire week. It was the best week of my life. I had a front row seat at watching high school friends give their lives over to God. I can't believe I get to have another chance at it!

The help of individuals like you is crutiall to getting kids there. The cost of getting to a place like Colorado does not come cheap, and as leaders we have committed to doing everything we can to make this trip affordable for kids. Your gift is buying a seat on a bus for a kid who hasn't heard the Good News that he is loved by God. We cannot get them there without your help.

Thank you so much for your support.

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