I want to raise $6,300 by my 63rd birthday for refugee aid and will shave my head bald if you help me reach my goal by my birthday Jan 1st!

I am the executive director of Collateral Repair Project in Amman, Jordan. I know, first hand, the tremendous suffering and need of Iraqi and Syrian refugees here. We, through your generosity, help many but many, many more are still in need. I'm willing to take it all off (my hair, that is!) in order to make sure hungry refugees are fed and kept warm in these cold winter months.

My hair is very long and I will cut it off incrementally as milestones toward my total goal of raising $6,300 are met. When I reach the final goal, I will shave my head bald! That is how much I care because I know how much refugees need help.

I'll post videos of getting my hair cut - and finally, having my head shaved - as I reach each of the milestones toward my goal and when I reach it.

Some people think I am crazy for doing this - and they are right. It makes me crazy to see people going without their most basic of needs being met - for food, warmth and shelter. I can wear hats and scarves to keep my head warm this winter until my hair grows out again - but refugees who are cold and hungry cannot find comfort so easily.

Please help me to help them by contributing toward my goal.

The countdown begins December 1 and ends at midnight on December 31. Won't you give now so that refugees will be fed and warm?

And if you also care alot and are a little bit crazy, too, then consider joining me by also making the pledge to TAKE IT ALL OFF FOR REFUGEES. If you're a woman, you can, like me, shave off your hair. If you're a man you can also shave your head or perhaps your mustache! I hope you'll join me!

<3 Thank you <3
Sasha Crow - Amman, Jordan

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